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Data Entry
Securall's Data Entry can be customized to a certain degree to fit the needs of your customers. Below you will find a list of features that will enhance the utilization of your customer's information, and provide full functionality to the alarm monitoring experience.
 Custom Defaults - Securall can customize default templates for your accounts so that you can specify dispatch and notification instructions for the operators, so they may handle your customer's alarm incidents with ease and accuracy. This will also speed up the process of entering the account into our system, so your customer's account can become active in a more sufficient amount of time.
 Restoral Waiting - This feature will allow an account to wait for a RESTORAL signal to come in before creating an alarm signal to be handled by an operator. The wait time can be set to what you think is an appropriate amount of time to wait before creating an incident. This feature is most commonly used with supervisory type signals such as AC Failures, Low Batteries, Phone Troubles, etc.
*It can be used for Burglary, but Securall does not recommend nor promote this idea.
 Test Monitoring - Our system has the ability to monitor scheduled Dialer Tests that are programmed by the installer in order to ensure that the alarm panels are properly communicating with the central station. These Dialer Tests can be monitored on a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly basis. In the event that our system does not receive a Dialer Test during it's scheduled period, our system creates an incident to notify the operators to take action with whichever instructions you choose.
 Open/Close Scheduling - This feature of our system is tailored to the needs of our commercial accounts, for business owners and managers that like to monitor when their employees enter and leave the building during business hours. A schedule can be set up on our system so that we can expect the employees to open or close during their designated opening and closing business hours. In the event that an employee does not arm or disarm the system during these allowed times, our system will create an incident to notify the operators to take action with whichever instructions you choose.
 Temporary Data - Temporary Data allows you to place temporary information on an account for a specified amount of time. This is useful for a vareiety of reasons:
     • Customer Vacation - Enter a temporary call list, or special instructions on alarm signals for a customer's         account while they are away on vacation.
     • Alarm or Zone Trouble - Place temporary instructions on specific zones or troubles that are frequently         occuring, until the alarm is services and the trouble is repaired.
     • Open/Close Business Hours - Temporarily change open/close schedules to accomodate holidays and other         reasons for closings, early or late openings and closings.
     • Temporary Passwords - Add temporary passwords to accounts for reasons such as a customer having         someone watch their house while they are away.
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